The Legend of Zelda:

A Missing Link

The Legend of Zelda

A Missing Link

Chapter One

'Hey, Link!'

Link was walking toward the village when he heard Colin calling his name.

'Link! Wait for me!'

Link turned to face Colin. Like Link, Colin had blond hair, but otherwise they looked nothing alike. How they acted was a different matter enirely.

The two boys were not brothers, but sometimes it was hard to tell. Despite Link's blue eyes and pointy ears, and Colin' brown eyes and dull ears, many people said Colin looked like a little Link. And indeed, Colin acted a lot like Link, doing what Link did and never leaving his side.

This explains why Link wasn't suprised to see Colin running towards him.

'Hey, Link! Where are you going?' Colin asked, reaching Link.

'Do you always have to follow me?' Link asked, sighing. 'I'm going to the mayor's house for supper.'


'Because he asked me to come.'

'Why did he ask you to come?' 

'I don't know. Why don't you ask him?'

Colin thought for a moment. 'Think Ilia had anything to do with it?'

'Ilia? She barely knows me!'

'You were pretty good friends before.'

'That was a long time ago.'

Colin spoke in a high-pitched imitation of Ilia's voice. 'I'll never forget this, Link! You are so kind.'

Link laughed. 'You know how long ago that was? Two years.'

'Well, unless you've done something heroic recently, I can't see why you'd be invited'

'The mayor's busy. He's probably congratulating me for something I did a long time ago.'

'Like what?'

'I don't know. Like I said, why don't you ask the mayor.'

'Or you could just tell me after you're done.'


'Then hurry up!'

' 'K. See you.'

Link continued down the path, leaving Colin behind. he entered the village and found the mayor's house, knocking on the door.

The door was opened by Ilia. She had light brown hair, bright green eyes, and, being the mayor's daughter, a fairly nice dress. She glanced at Link, then spoke. 'Link, you look…nice.'

'You too,' Link said politely.

Ilia nodded. 'The dining room is in the back.'

Link nodded his thanks and headed to the dining room.

In the dining room, a table was set for four, though it easily could have seated eight. In the back of the room the wall was covered in windows, showing a spectacular view of the cliffs to the east. Link walked over to the windows and gazed out.